Data Law is a specialist law firm

advising clients active in the digital economy.

The Firm

We help our clients use the power of the internet to create new services and marketplaces. We build the legal base from which our clients develop, protect and commercialise their data assets.

Practice Areas


Data and content propel the digital economy. Most client deals are data driven. Our experience assists them to minimise risk and maximise returns on their data investment.


Data Law has helped several clients develop their customer agreements. We help strike the balance between protecting their interests and streamlining the account activation process.


It’s all about the deal and the deal is the contract. Whether buying selling or cooperating, the right contract enables our clients to get on with what they do best – deliver services and increase revenue.


Having the right foundation helps a company prosper.  We’ve created shareholder agreements, share schemes and joint venture agreements to get our clients started on the right foot.

In-house lawyer

For cost-effective legal support, Data Law provides secondment services to select clients. Please contact us for more information on a virtual in-house lawyer for your business.



Data Law has acted on more than 50 advertising deals for this Australian advertising platform provider. We’ve helped our client transact with DCPs and DMPs, advertisers and publishers, including global giants in their field.

Data analytics

Australia’s leading independent data analytics company relies on Data Law for day to day legal advice as well as major transactions with its customers and the search engine behemoths.


Data Law was part of an international team of specialist lawyers advising one of the world’s biggest companies during the launch of its entertainment streaming service.


Our dynamic payroll service client is constantly innovating and improving its service offering. Data Law gives it the legal tools to pursue it ambitions.


We provide constant legal support to our market leading SEO client as it builds its coveted international and domestic customer base.

Space industry

Ted Ringrose has advised on international satellite acquisition and launch contracts. Data Law has assisted new Australian space industry players active in mission control and launch technology.


Data Law advises established telcos and new entrants on commercial, compliance and regulatory matters.


Ted Ringrose

Ted is the director of Data Law. He has been a partner in two international law firms and senior in-house lawyer for world leading telecommunications and entertainment companies. He has worked in England, Europe, Asia and North America. Helping his clients take on the big players is the most rewarding part of his job.


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